10 Tips for Effective College Planning 

It sounds overwhelming to go to college. Perhaps, you have not even thought about it yet. You might be pondering what to do and where to start. Well as a high school junior, it's time that you start college planning in order to make the admission less stressful as possible. For that, here are a handful of college advice that will give you a head start. Learn more about college planner. 

Tip number 1. Keep working hard in all your classes to get the highest grades you could. Colleges want to see sustained effort from this point until your high school graduation. Keep in mind, when it comes to college admissions, your GPA will play an important role in it.

Tip number 2. Search for continued involvement in school as well as community activities and at the same time, have the will to take leadership responsibilities.

Tip number 3. It will be essential to also register both to ACT and SAT sometime spring during your junior year. Take this thing seriously and consider this as a prep course or getting individual tutoring in order to prepare for the test.

Tip number 4. Consider attending college fairs or even programs in your community in order to learn which college interests you the most. Talk to the representative of each college and know what makes them different from the rest.

Tip number 5. Think on working with college consultant who could help you in having a personalized college search as well as provide assistance with the process for college application. Their services are worthwhile and affordable so don't disregard it.

Tip number 6. Have a meeting with your high school counselor to talk about matters like senior classes, graduation credits and where you stand in your college planning.

Tip number 7. You must take advantage of vacation to have a look at the colleges in your area or perhaps, visit other schools near your community. See more about fafsa requirement. 

Tip number 8. Start your college search via preliminary list of schools that interests you and at the same time, have a visit on their website. Request info from the school so by that, you'll be present on their mailing list and get emails of interests.

Tip number 9. Consider which instructor know you well and can write college recommendation for you. As a matter of fact, a lot of colleges are requesting two recommendations.

Tip number 10. Research experiences or summer jobs that are offering you the chance to do something different. Think of volunteering in any organizations that fit your interests.

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